860GTS LED-dashboard, plate-reproduction and horn switch

I am restoring my 860GTS with the LED-board missing.

  1. I designed one on my own and I etched it in several different types. I cut and bored it and I soldered the appropriate LEDs, resistors and diodes to it, complete with the correctly coloured wires.
  2. Also my 0,5 mm dashboard aluminium plate glued to the handlebars-clamp is heavily scratched.
    I took all the measurement and drew it for a reproduction.
    I made two drawings: one for the “COUNTRY/CITY”-switch version, and one for the later types without.
    Please call me, if you are interested since I do not want to buy a minmum of 20 plates to leave 19 on stock!
  3. I am reproducing five LC-boards for the horn-tuning to “CITY”-sound. They consist of a capacitor and a coil, mounted on a board that is fixed to a rubberplate.

If there are some bevel-guys who are interested in these special items please contact me on kiewning.wolf@arcor.de