860GTS valuation

I am looking at a selling my 1978 860GTS (elec start) it is in good condition & was restored to a tidy,usable state 2 years ago but just isn’t being used.
The problem is I have no idea of its value.
can anyone help ? I will supply a photo soon but the can’t find the lead for camera to pc.

I couldn’t give an exact price but the 860 non-desmo bikes do seem to be strengthening in price over the last year or so. I would put a range of £2k to £3k which is a bit broad I know.

Thanks for the reply, I am however a little confused. you refer to non-desmo models, as I understand my 860GTS is a desmo.

A pointless reply, but I would love one… but I dont think you would “give” her away!

Not unless the heads have been changed. GTs and GTSs had springer heads.

As to value, well, like Graham said, these models are getting to be more appreciated - at one time, you couldn’t give them away. However, I doubt there will ever be a crowd of people after them, so you may have to be patient.

A lot will depend on condition, especially the engine - which means the big ends and valve guides, principally. Was the engine overhauled? If yes, by who? Do you have receipts?

Also, originality. I see yours has had a few changes - headlamp brackets, silencers, rear shocks for example. And the seat doesn’t look right - no aluminium side strip, and doesn’t look rounded enuf at the back - ? (Btw, the indicators look like the early Aprilia ones -?)

But it’s a nice bike - so don’t let it go too cheap! This is Phil Ainsley’s GTE which sold recently for … over AU$20,000 to a Swiss collector.
philaphoto.com/imageLibrary/ … =919&pos=5

Btw, I see John Fallon recently sold a GTS for restoration
madeinitalymotorcycles.com/b … e_sold.htm

If you need to sell, try contacting him …



Even if your bike was first registered in '78, it’s possible that it was built in late '76 - early '77.

I say this because, according to Ian Falloon:

  1. The '78 model range had ‘900’ rather than ‘860’ side panel badges (only 250 bikes were built in the year)
  2. From’ 77, the GTS came with Marzocchi, rather than Ceriani, forks ; and stainless, rather than painted, front mudguards.

But as we all know :slight_smile:, at the time Ducati was a great believer in diversity. So it would be interesting to know the frame and engine numbers …



five minutes with an allen key will confirm what you have. Just take the inlet rocker cover off the front cylinder and have a look to see if the valve is desmodronic or not, it’s pretty easy to tell the difference. (BTW don’t be fooled by the lightweight hair-spring that just there to ensure that the desmo valve seals properly when starting the engine.)