888 parts

Hello chaps, whist in Italy I was talking to a chap called Walter Martens from America, an 8 eighty eight owner !! I know bits for these are scarce and I know fro a few members/friends that rear lamps are particulary hard to get, he has two new ones, I was asking him about sending one away to be copied, what do you think ??

Hi Martyn,

It’s already been done by a French member 'Desmoflo" Florian of the 851/888 Forum, I think he’s also a member of the Ducati Club de France.
IIRC they worked out to around 40E each.

I’ve got a few spare rear lights and lens’s now. :wink:

Steve R

Sorry, did not know and I have been asked for them on e mail, will now point them in the direction of our forum, cheers Steve.

Hi again Martyn,

I was up at Chris Steedman/CJS Racing’s dyno yesterday* it’s in LouigiMoto’s workshop and Rich who runs the place told me that he’s also sent a pattern 851/888 rear light to China with a view to having some made.

*I was getting Chris to create a custom map for my latest tune on my 851/916cc motor, I bumped into Adie who’s organising the Northern Rally this year whilst I was there, which was a nice surprise he took some pic’s of my bike on the dyno and even phoned a friend so that he could listen to the sound of ‘Armageddon’ coming…
Do you want to know how much power I’ve got out of the old nail now?
i know that I’m being a tease here, but I’m totally chuffed it’s a Rocket ship now. :sunglasses:
I think that there would be a few 999 owners who’d be surprised how much the old nail’s making now, it’s already passed the 996’s inc’ the 916/996SPS’s and the peak power is coming at 9,500rpm which was always my target of being more power per rev as high revs kill motors, especially the old 851/888’s crankcases.

Nessie’s threatening another episode for the “Bertie, Steve and Ness” saga, as she feels she’s now got enough ammo/general piss taking of me and my exploits to fill a few column inches.

Steve R

Steve - that would be great if Nessie writes a further episode (or three!), I’ve missed her articles. I’ll be in Cornwall in September, maybe drop in to see you all?

Hi Jilly,
I thought you might say that, I’ve had to let her get around to the idea in her own time, she really enjoyed writting them before.
It would be nice to see you in the Autumn.

Steve R

We need to have this somewhere then, but if we know then that is ok. Bike sounds like fun, such a talent … Rally will be good but it is all expense, will try to get down, Bristol at least.