Had a few odd looks tonight during Classic TT practice. I actualy started jumping up and down and shouting at the 888’s as they stormed through 11 milestone. Just fantastic.

That is all.

they are truly iconic bikes …

In the Classic TT’s and Classic Parades there were quite a few Ducati’s, along with a horde of other interesting Classic bikes both 2 and 4 strokes.
I loved them all but the main reason for my trip over was to watch the 851/888’s in action, I own 2 of these models.
There were 3 entered in the Classic F1 TT, 851 special from Australia, blueprinted SP2 or 3 and a Corse of possibly 926cc…
The Corse was obviously the fastest but failed to finish, the team had been complaining of overheating throughout practice but failed to sort the problem, pretty piss poor in my book. :unamused:
Although early in the 1st lap it had been running in a top 10 leader board position, it was claimed that this bike made 135 rwbhp.
The Aussie entered bike was the slowest and had the slowest rider on board, I could see this from my vantage point at Glen Vine just after Ballascarry.
But the SP went onto finish 3rd in its class with a final lap of 109 mph, the owner/rider Paul Baleta had kept the revs below 10,000 rpm for the practice and race.
This bike didn’t make 110 rwbhp.

Steve R

Slightly soft focus, but this picture shows the SPS overheating at the end of ONE practice lap. Look to the rear and you can see the steam!

This is Paul Baleta on his 888 during the race.

Great pictures, I really hope to get there next time

Cracking pic of Paul Baleta, keef :wink:

Nice pic’s Kieth,
#21 was the (claimed to be ex John Hackett ?) 888 Corse and not a SPS/SP(4)S sponsored by Alf’s Motorcycles.’
Possibly actually 926cc as I believe it was John Hackett who 1st opened one of the 888’s out to 926cc using 96mm pistons.
Shame the team were unable to correct the overheating problem, I don’t know if this is why it retired but I wouldn’t bet against it… :unamused:

After returning from the Island I’m so skint that it’s been head down, work hard to try and get out of the mire before Xmas.
To this end this weekend rather than go to the Southern Rally (sorry “Get together”) I’ve been rebuilding 916SPS cylinder heads today and tomorrow I’ll be doing one of my part time jobs for 6 hours overtime, after that I’ll finish the heads…
Then I’ve got a pair of 888 heads to strip, overhaul and then rebuild, still at least there’s some “Real” Rock and Roll playing on the radio now, I’m listening to Jeff Barkers Rock and Roll Party on BBC Radio Cornwall.
F’kin classic tracks tonight as it would have been Buddy Holly’s birthday today. :frowning:

Steve R

CRACKING PICTURES! Brilliant to see the 888s out there.

That’s interesting MrR, the chap who was spannering (Sorry did not get his name) told me it was an SPS! Either way, it was bloomin’ quick!

As a Corse 888/926cc it should have been pretty quick with 135 rwbhp and an all up/fully wet weight of 350lbs, Paul Baleta’s SP2 or 3 was making 106 rwbhp and would have weighed a bit more than 350 lbs.
My '92 851/916cc bike weighs in fully wet at just under 400 lbs with a full compliment of lights, starter motor and steel fuel tank, it kicks out “only” 128 rwbhp at 9,200 rpm and it’s no slouch on the road.

There will be no TT for me next year, but (cash permitting) the plan is to go over to the MGP with Steve duc904red and another good mate Swampy Marsh, (The KTM tuning GURU aka Marsh Performance) I’ll also hopefully have finished and fitted my 955cc 136 rwbhp at under 9,500 rpm motor by then.
I’ve just scored a lightweight 916SP crank for this motor and have some new genuine unused 888 Corse heads, I’ve just had these fitted with 37/31 valves they originally had 34/30’s fitted.

I’m sat here finishing off some 916 SPS (actually 996cc) heads that have 36/30 valves as standard (around 125 rwbhp) and the bigger valved 888 Corse heads make them look crude.
I’ll need to do fair few more of this sort of job to rake in the cash to finish my 955cc motor, get out of this years debt and get over to the MGP next year though.

Wish me luck chap,

Steve R