Anyone out there help me out re the sequence of the bits and pieces that make up the clutch actuater on 860 bevel.
According to the exploded view starting from the clutch basket its.
– small roller- long rod - small roller - long rod -bigger roller - ball bearing - bigger roller - piece with rounded end - actuater arm. However ! in the written description it states that there are 2 rollers between the two long rods.
Having tried both only the written version with the extra roller, actually works the clutch, is this a known error or am I missing something?

P.S got myself an 82 Hailwood have a few questions to ask but will post seperatly

cheers Phil

Hello there, here are the pages form my parts catalogue for the Darmah, I think the 860 uses the same parts, but not 100% sure?
There is an adjustment screw & locknut on the clutch outer pressure plate, have you checked where this is positioned, there is about 10mm of adjustment at that end which might account for the need for the extra roller?