900 MHR ignition failure-please help

Hi everybody, i am a new member but an old person.Experienced but still stupid.I also have a mild drink problem. Anyway I always lay my Hailwood rep up over winter and come spring, she has never failed to start. However this year, after four months of inactivity there is no spark whatsoever, on either cylinder. I’ve had a sniff around but can see nothing obvious.I’ve heard the transducers fail on these things but this seems unlikely in this case as there are two of them and i am looking for a single component, swerving, i mean serving both of those mighty metal jugs.Is it possible the regulator has packed up? Unfortunately i am already a bit tiddly and can no longer remember how anything works.This is a genuine plea for help from a complete idiot. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and i would willingly offer marriage guidance support to any contributor so in need.

Should anyone ever read this someday in the distant future please take heed. I did, to the best of my ability check the regulator, amplifiers, pick up wires, earths and general connections, battery and tyre pressures. I have now eaten my nicotine patches and lost the battle with the booze.Be warned all ye who go here. I was noble of intention but weak in deductive power.The end… for now.

I had the same fault with my 900SS. I could not find the fault, which was even more annoying in my case as it was intermittant. As you say the ignition system is split in two, so I assumed that the fault was with the supply to the ignition. If your battery is good then a knackared regulator is not going to make any difference.

When I took a peek inside the wiring loom I found a few melted wires- which presumably is why the bike kept popping its regulators, another problem I had with it, so I rewired the bike. For good measure I replaced the Bosh Boxes with an Igni Tech iten for £120 and for good measure fitted a 916 Alternator (they are a diresct swap, no modification needed)

Initialy I purchaced a Mario Sassy wiring loom, but I was suitably unimpressed with it, hence made my own.

Starts and runs really well now, and even ticks over from cold.


you need to tell them which model yours is, and they will set them up for your bike.

Very good to hear someone has suffered similar frustrations.Thanks for sharing your experience and for all the tips.I think I will have to go down the same road and do a complete rewire. Daunting as that seems right now,i guess it shouldn’t be too bad as it’s all as it came out the factory at the moment.
Will be in touch with ignitech, they seem very reasonable. Will let you know how I get on. Thanks once again, appreciated.

I also have a mild drink problem

I also have a mild drink problem :smiley: