900 S2 info please...

Hi… have just joined up because this weekend I have bought a Ducati 900 S2. Not the most popular model ever made I know but its smart and it sounds bloody fantastic.
I am hoping that there are others out there that own a S2 and that I can learn from them how to get the best from this bike. What I need to know right now is where I can find parts. The bike is complete but I would like to lower the gearing a little so sprockets are first on the list. also, this bike has a nice set of Conti pipes but a pair of less restrictive air filters would help. can anyone point me in the right direction please ?
Will be very pleased to receive any constructive advice.

Hello Lewis.
Welcome to the club!
They are a bit rare, I do have a mate on London (another club member) who’s had one for years, it’s done some serious miles, as far a spares are concerned I would contact Andy at Mdina Italia http://www.mdinaitalia.co.uk/, he’s your best bet, if he hasn’t got it he should be able to advise.
Be careful with your choice of air filter / jets, I fitted some K&N’s a few years ago and found out later that they were not really any less restrictive than the standard filters.
I have a set of stainless Keihan downpipes, balance pipe and Conti replica ‘silencers’ on my Darmah they last forever.

Thanks for your welcome Kevin… I will contact Andy very shortly. This bike has done only 8000 Kilometres but had not been started for six years. have had to go through everything. Was kept in the dry and has been covered well so it has responded extremely well to some TLC. Am chuffed to bits with it. One of my last bikes was a Monster S2R which was great but there is something more to this bike… maybe because its closer to my own vintage.
Will post my progress… thanks again,

Welcome to. Nice to see another vintage bike in the fold. Keep us posted

Cheers Cheshire Cat… Had to work on the brakes quite a bit and fuel system had some very stubborn residue but I think the bike now goes and stops as it was meant to. It past its MOT today with no probs except that it still has a continental headlight lens which dips the wrong way. Potentially a fail but we got round it with a bit of black tape.
The tyres are hardly worn but since they have been stood for six years or so I have no real confidence in them so will wait til I have a new set before I throw it into any corners with gusto. I guess its pretty heavy to ride in comparison to modern bikes; you have to heave it into corners and you need a grip like Schwarzenegger to stop when you really need to but then, it’s from an era when men were men… hey ?
The bike is growing on me more and more; it’s a proper motorbike with carburettors and stuff. I think it’s a keeper.

Think I got some Avons on the 900ss, its not out from under its duvet yet. Its not that heavy to throw bout you just put it where you want and it stays there. Glad its passed MOT. Look after it as belty driven things are never the same again.