900 SS bevel wanted

urgently needed for a book project - 900SS bevel, black / gold. If you are able to help / want more info, please pm me. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi Jilly,
Keef aka Kieth Fothergill and Steve Rose both have fairly standard and used Black and Gold 900SS’s.
They’re both died in the wool complete Ducati nuts/true Ducatisti, I’m sure one or both of them would like to help out here.
My old Bevel is waaaaay too far away from standard now to be of any interest to most people.

Steve R

Hi Steve,
thank you, it doesn’t have to be completely standard … I’ve put the request out on the email list, and the club’s facebook page too, so I’m sure that keef and Steve Rose will be in touch. I would like to give the author a choice of bikes tomorrow.
Hope all is well with you? I’ve not been to Cornwall yet this year … :frowning: