900 ssd front brake caliper

I am have a problem in that I need a replacement LH front brake caliper for my 1979 900 ss Darmah. I believe these are variuosly known as P2 F08, F08, or P08. Mine have twin bleed nipples, but ones I have seen for sale only have one. Can anyone tell me if any other calipers from different bikes will fit?
The problem is that someone (not me!) in trying to drill out seized nipples has gone right through the taper seat. Is there any way of repairing this?
Any help much appreciated as I really want to ride this summer!

Try Andrew Jones at Mdinaitalia he could well have the parts you need, a repair sounds unlikely.

For anyone else with the same general query, these calipers are pretty much common to any big Italian bike built in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Guzzis, Lavs, almost anything. They are “handed” though, so a “left hand” one that fits on castings on the front of the left fork will also fit the rear mounts on the right fork,and vice-versa.