900gts not running properly

Hi guys
Just wondering if anybody 's got any idea’s I havn’t tried
Just finished the resto on my 1977 900gts,Rita ignition,new coilsand it runsbut only on the rear cylinder.When trying to tune the carbs I dis overdthe front cyl didn’t seem to be running properly, I can tune the rear carb,but when I come to tune the carbs the front and disconnect the rear cyl ht lead the engine dies.The rear exhaust pipe is untouchable but the front is warm/hot indicating the front is barely firing, the ignition is set up per instruction from Mistrel engineering and both compressions are high and equal.Any ideas I can try please.Oh HT leads are new and tried swapping them Thanks bigal

Try swapping the plugs over it could be as simple as a dodgy sparkplug.
If no different swap the carbs front to back, if this moves the problem then get the dodgy carb body ultrasonically cleaned and soak the jets in malt vinergar.
Have you replaced any jets in the resto?
Check again that you’ve timed the RITA off the correct pole for the 860, the 750 runs in the opposite direction

IIRC? The RITA instructions recommend 38’ fully advanced IMO this is too for I’d go for less.

Steve R

Hi Steve,
Thanks for those suggestions I’ll give them a go and get back to you,never thought of swapping the carbs sounds a good idea,thanks again will talk soon.

when i got my GTS years ago it had 750 cams fitted and would not run valve timing was way off due to timing marks being wrong used degree gauge to set-- then it run fine

Thanks for the suggestion Bob,the cams are new and genuine 860,but I can see why yours would be wrong but thanks for the advice