900gts rebuild no 2

I’ve forgotten how to set the ignition timing since last strip down .
Do I set the RITA at 38 degrees BTDC or at TDC can’t remember since I last did it ,think it’s old age setting in
Cheers all Alan

I’m about to set ignition on Bosch system from memory it was 6 degrees BFTDC at tick over 38 BFTDC flat out could be slightly more advanced now as fuel is slower burning or so I’ve been told Pod :thinking:

Hi mate
Thanks for that ,I’m not sure if the Bosch and Rita are similar or not ,but thanks for the reply

From a Ferrari workshop (“ we always set out ignition at 6 degrees initially)
Couldn’t understand in a Guzzi Falcone 1960 why the magneto only had 15 degrees advance? Then it runs half speed so 1 degree on mag is 2 on crank not in any book I’ve seen! Advance I think maybe different on this long stroke motor? Is the piston at or about TDC for longer period have to think about that?

Pod Hengis