900SS Alternator

Am I going mad, or did Ducati fit more than one alternator to the 900SS bevel range? The reason I ask is that I have an Electrex G93 alternator which they list as for the 900SS/SD 900MHR and 900 Darmah/GTS. As you can see from the picture it is rather smaller than the one fitted to my 900SS. Its the same diameter but less than half the thickness!

I’m going over their to sort out the problem tomorrow and wondered if any of you had some extra info I could take with me.


Its a link to the picture, as ever the forum wont let me post the picture!!


You’ve always been not to tightly wrapped. :wink:
See my reply on the Ducatisti web site to your post on there.
I don’t mind if you copy/paste it onto the club site, as I can’t be arsed to type it all out again.

Steve R

Kind of done that now. They exchanged the alternator for the stator they sell for the 916. Fitted without modification. What would need modifying is the rotor if I fitted one of those, but having seen the AC out put on a 916 I don’t think its that much better than the post '78 alternators on the bevel, as it would appear the only difference is the rotor which have a better magnet in them. We will see. Its easy enough to fit a 916 rotor if I need to (a good tip that one steve!)

Problem with doing any work on a 30 year old bike is the more you look, the more you find to do. Having removed all the electrics i find that corrosion on the frame is getting a little out of hand, so now would be a good time to get her coated, and I have had that plate to do a hydraulic clutch conversion lying around for a couple of years, so I might as well do that at the same time- which reminds me, if anyone has an old worn sprocket/clutch lever cover (I’m guessing they tend to wear/break on the slave clutch lever pivot) for a 900SS, dont throw it away, I’ll have it, so I can machine it down to make a cover to hide the hydraulic conversion.

…and as for the headlight, it was rusted through!

Ho hum, looks like the two days I alloted for the re wire is going into two months- thank god for the Multistrada!


Just as an aside to what I posted earlier…
When we used to prepare a late 900 Bevel for racing and fit the lighter/slimmer alternator/stator set up, we cut the outside face of the alternator cover off and weld a plate over the hole, to slim and lighten the motor down, when doing this if you removed the kickstart shaft the bike could be healed over a lot further on the righthand side.
We’d also do the same with the clutch cover, cutting an angled slice from the bottom of the cover and then welding a plate over the resulting hole.
By doing this we could make a squarecase bevel motor narrower and with more ground clearance than a roundcase motor, the bonus here being that the squarecase motors supported the lower bevels a lot better than the Roundcase motors…
Hailwoods TT winner broke one of it’s bottom bevels as it crossed the line back in '78.
So with a bit of modification the ‘Common’ squarecase motors could be made far superior to the fabled Roundcase motors.
The fastest Bevel twins were always based on the “inferior” :unamused: Squarecase motors.

Steve R