900SS brakes

I’ve a mind to upgrade the brakes on my 79 model 900SS so that when spaggy and everyone else on the IOM overtakes me on the entrance to a bend on modern bikes with modern brakes, I do not almost ram them up the rear when they all then brake at the last moment in front of me as I peel in using my classic lines!

I’ve some Brembo 4 pot goldlines on the shelf, so could make up some brackets for them on the night shift, or I could push the boat out and get myself some Pretek 4 pots.

Has anyone else beefed up the brakes on there classic Duke, and if so what probelms did you come up against.

Did you need to change the master cylinder?

Or shall I just fit a jousting pole?

Don’t worry Keith, I’ll be riding my "79 Bevel as well…
Hold up you may ram me up the backside as I’ve got AP Lockheeds fitted and they’re far better than the Gold Line Brembo’s fitted originally.

Steve R

You could try Bob Fox for fitting details, I reckon his bevel was sporting a pair of modern brembo calipers when I saw it at the Classic Bol D’or, but operating advice may not be available as I’m not sure whether it actually runs yet.


You can fit one of the rubber band oblong masters for about £75. This gives modern two finger breaking & gives far more feel than the original ‘wooden’ Brembo. Which is good if you ride modern bikes as well. This allows you to concentrate on how heavy the throttle is. Back in the 80’s ( with 450 Desmo clutch springs fitted) my clutch had used to cry for mercy first, but now its the opposite.

In a similar vein I’d like a better master for my Senna which seems to need a lot of pressure and leaves me with a numb thumb.

After 24 years, I finally got round to replacing the old rubber hoses on my darmah over the winter, I also changed the master cylinder to the oblong PS16 one which is fitted to the 620 Monsters and put some EBC Double H sintered pads in, the front brakes are now about 15-20% better, with much more feel, the old round PS15 master cylinder was junk…

Who needs brakes on a Bevel 900 just shut the throttle and let the Conti’s bellow. I only use my brakes to warn all the belt drives behind there is a corner coming up. LOL


If you’re throwing the old round master cylinder away, I’ll have it.
It’ll be the same as the one on my SSD and I think my 250 racer uses the same one too. Would be handy to have one to refurb as a spare for racing.



Hi Roger,
I might be able to help you here, I bought a later square type Mastercylinder for my 250 Desmo, on the advice of Tony Brancato as a way of improving the front brake.
The old round type is still on the bike which’s round at my mothers house, next time I’m round there I’ll pull it off, but I think it maybe a bit past saving.


Thanks Steve,

Always useful to have some spare bits knocking around, even if only to use the cap if it gets crash damaged or something like that

I probably can’t go to a modern master cylinder on the racer as it’ll stand out a bit - shouldn’t be putting too much new type stuff on or I may get caught out with classic eligibility regulations.



Hello Roger.
Sorry, I’m not actually throwing the master cylinder away as I am trying to build up the worlds largest collection of old Ducati crap in my garage, it might come in you know… :exclamation: But if I do get rid of it you will have first call on it.
Do you have to use the old stuff on your racer, this new one is much better?

Lockheed brakes are £130 each from TGA. Although will require me to make some adapter plates (sounds like a job for the night shift!) Improved brakes and in keeping with period the bike was built!

Hi Steve, can you let me have more details on how you fitted the AP Lockheeds. I presume you have conversion plates of some sort. where did you get them. I’m looking to do the same. Idealy I need a drawing or a patern to get copied…

Phil R (750 sport bevel)

Sorry I can’t help you there Phil, I fitted sliders/fork bottoms that take the AP Lockheed calipers.