900SS rad mounting and intermittent low power issue

Had this 94 SS two years now, standing for four prior to purchase. Been tinkering and learning a bit but these two issues have me scratching my head.

900SS Rad mounting issue. Rubber radiator mounting bung has come away from cylinder head leaving smooth stud head with no obvious way of removal and I want to check what to do, any one come across this???

Also towards the end of last season the bike started to loose power and breathing after 15 miles, felt like it was sucking on a vacuum.Tried all the usual, opened the tank filler cap, checked fuel lines and to cut along story short I ended up having to get new carbs. I haven’t had a chance to get it well warmed up yet although it starts well in the garage after I fitted the new carbs,any one experienced this type of power loss on an SS?

The oil cooler mounts unscrew from the valve covers. As for the running issue, when you stopped the bike and opened the filler did you release a vacuum?

Put a pic’ up of what’s left of the rubber mounts stud and I’ll give some suggestions as to how to remove it.
Your other problem does sound like fuel starvation to me, make sure the one way valve in the tanks breather pipe’s not clogged up and the fuel filter’s nice and clean if in doubt fit a new one.

Steve R

Hi could you email me you address as I know that I have a workshop manual on c/d for the 900ss, so will burn you a copy.

Fred Ellis


[attachment=1]oiler rubber graphic.JPG[/attachment]

Thanks a lot for taking the time and offering advice.

Fitted the new Mikuni’s- all very good, cured ‘vacuuming’ until i get a bit brave and get between 5-6krpm and the aproaching sweet spot disappears and the power drops. From my little carb/breathing knowledge and more realistically from my mechanic, I get the impression that raising the needles a notch or two would be the next area of investigation before looking at the jets.

My mechanic had broken the old 'vacuuming 'carb I had given him for ultrasonic cleaning and a service. Trying to remove the seized mixture screw cracked the carb casing after heat and all manner of persuasion :frowning: Still solved the problem there and he sourced theses TDM/ TRX new 38mm Mikuni’s. They were advertised on eBay as also fit’s for SS among others, sold by DC Motorcycles in Kent :smiley:

No adjustment was noted in the add so I fitted with the above result so for the needles I will go, but before that I wondered if I should go straight to the Dynojet stage two kit? not sure about the old carbs tune but the bike has a K&N air filter a very modified air box cover and very loud ( so I’m guessing modified internally, de-wadded if that’s possible) standard exhaust

Ive put up a pic of the oil cooler bracket issue Steve, I’ve ordered what I hope are the right new parts but still cant see how this all goes together as the stud head seems to have come away from a shallow weak mount to the rubber. As you may see I’ve bodged in the mean time to keep the rad on and take the strain off of the opposite fixing. Also attached is the old carb damage just to illustrate.

Thanks Steve, new rubbers fitted after much persuasion to remove stud. I hack-sawed a groove in it and got it to finally budge with much heat and screwdriver twisting with heavy hammer persuasion. New carbs seems to have cured the starvation problem. Extreme maybe to replace the (£200) carbs but the mixture jet housing snapped when my mechanic was trying to prep for ultrasonic.

then had a power loss problem a mid range which is now a lot better since I thought to check the needles in the old cabs. these are a lot more tapered and needle like than the standard ones I’ve fished out of the new carbs. will check the jets next as it seems a previous owner has modded the needles, airbox and exhaust cores, I guess the jets may be uprated too. Dynojet kit maybe, but no markings on needle. still, much, much better. The plug may have been fouled as the lead cap had come loose during work and I rode for a couple of minutes like this. Doh! fingers crossed.

Got it, thanks Fred. Ive sorted the bike now and is pulling like a small red train. Ace!

Hi Dave 900SS. Am very new to this site so can’t quite work out if I can contact you direct or not?? Just wondered if you know of a good mechanic in the Cardiff area as my 600SS desperately needs a 12k service??? Thanks