900SS wiring loom

I know its easy enough to make up a wiring loom, but I remember seeing some improved aftermarket looms made by a company in Germany, they were quite well priced and by the time I’ve bought all the bits and spent a day making it I’d be better off putting in a days overtime and buying one!

Problem is I can’t remember who it was that made them and I can’t find them again on the web- ideas anyone please?

Yes I know I’ve had all year to get this bike sorted and its only 3 weeks to go till the TT, but well what can i say?

Hi Keith,
Blah Blah Blah…
If you must buy one try Kamna Racing in Germany.

Steve R

P.S. I got my cylinder head back yesterday, Pete has done his usual top job fitting the new lead free valve seat. £50 supplied and fitted.
I’ve got Monday and Tuesday off next week to put the old girl back together, then get her MOT’d.
That just leaves the new rear tyre (£89) to fit when it turns up.

Thanks for that…

Wiring harness SS models Wiring harness for SS models in perfect quality.“Made in Germany”. Available in two different versions:

old SS models with right gear shift or

new SS models with Bosch ignition
Please indicate when ordering.

Price: See Description
Prod.Id: dbe001

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255 euro’s


£200 for a shifts overtime would pay for that, just the job, and I can even fit it while being paid if its a night shift!

Blimey I like this german site, I’ve gone moist!

Fairing screens PRE DRILLED, Moto Witt ignition for Bosch bevels