916 clutch

ok 916 mot today first ride and my Left hand and forarm is like popeye! so really heavy clutch so i think a new slave cylinder is in order.
I see Oberon £92 and Factory Racing £82 and have had an Oberon slave cylinder on my Milli before and was ok so…
Before i spend the best part of £100 has any body got one on the shelve they dont want or will a slave cylinder from a monster or post 98 916 or 996 fit and give similar results?


I’ve got a very little used lighter pull slave that I bought from Harris years ago now, it’s in perfect condition and is clear anodised.
I’ll take £45 for it plus the postage.
Slaves from later models will need the longer push rod, but this will work with the standard 916 rod.
Give me a call on 01579 384090 if you’re interested.

Steve R

Thanks for the offer Steve and i almost called you then discovered Motopike.com and foctory racing ones at £61 delivered.

I have one on the kitchen table at the moment and will fit it Saturday and let you know what its like.


Fitted and is very smooth and as it says on the tin has significantly reduced the pressure required.

Well worth the money.