916 fork oil

OK so new seals etc in the fork for the 916 and the recomended cc 480 and went for 5 weight and they are hard!! any advice?
Take some oil out?

Can’t help you on this one Greg, I’ve not had to mess with mine.

If Mr R doesn’t happen along soon with some of his words of wisdom you could try ringing your local dealer to see if he is willing to offer advice.

Otherwise, try one of the well respected independents out there, Rich Llewellyn at Louigi Moto - Bristol area, Geoff Green at G-Tec - Leicestershire, John Cellier at Ducati John - Leeds, or Nelly at Cornerspeed - Mansfield.


Take some oil out chap, you can’t compress a liquid but you can compress a gas.
I don’t bother with measuring CC’s when filling forks, I go by the air gap left after putting the oil in.
This gap is measured by fully compressing the forks with the springs and any spacers removed, I use 130mm on the Maxton modified Ohlins forks on my 851 which is around the same all up weight as a 916 and 0.95 kg/mm springs, I had 125mm on the K Tech modified Showa forks that had 0.9kg/mm.
So around this should be a good staring point/put you in the ball park, the air left in the gap works as a progressive spring.
The smaller the gap the harsher the springing and visa versa, you could give Maxton or K Tech a call and ask them for a good starting point?
But I doubt it’d be far off from my settings/advice. It also depends on how many pies you like to eat chap?

Steve R

took 50cc out of each leg so 430cc from 480cc and its a lot more forgiving and quite happy.

I have a 2011 Multi and it is a fantastic machine. Put on over 22k km since I bought it (had 5200km on it when I bought it in 2015) and haven’t had a single thing other than a leaky fork seal after changing out the front springs for stiffer ones, and a small coolant leak from a hose clamp that had loosened up. These bikes vibrate quite a bit. Another poi is to make sure the maintenance, and recalls / updates have been done. Right fork bottom was a recall, as were the rear master cylinder, and a few other bits. I’d suggest the ohlins SCU (suspension control unit) won’t regret it.

https://trackeasy.fun/usps/ https://showbox.tools/