916 senna vin number

hi there, I have recently purchased a 916 Senna ltd edition that has been in storage in a museum for the last 12 years, now the problem is that it has come with no log book and I think the number plate has been changed to SEN 916 for show purpose, the vin has slight rust over it and I have sent a v62 of to dvla twice now and just get the same response that the numbers are wrong, can anyone help with this as not sure what to do next, I did send a covering letter with the v62 as I thought they got the S mixed up with 5 and sent pics of the vin but still no good.

Hello, was it from a museum in the uk? I think you are correct in thinking the number plate is not that of the bike. Are you sure that the bike has been registered with DVLA in the past? What numbers are DVLA saying are wrong?

Hi colin,

I have been on the phone to a ducati main dealer and they tell me it was registered in the uk in 1995,
And the numbers are correct but they say as it was such a long time ago it may not have been recorded by computer,
Still at a blank really but ducati tell me it’s the right bike,and yes it was a uk museum in London,
Dvla just say we donot hold a record of that vin number.

Regards Kerry


How does the dealer know it was registered with DVLA in 1995? or is he just confirming that it was brought into the UK then?
I believe that around the mid 90’s DVLA updated their computers to free up space and so vehicles that had no VED activity (road Tax) got dropped off the system after a period of years but they should still be able to find it if you have the registration number (you don’t). Assuming you bought direct from the museum, go back to them and ask a few more questions as to the history/previous ownership, if the museum actually owned it I would expect them to have records to support that or likewise if it was on loan.
Or the easy way round it is to contact the Club’s Dating Service for a dating letter, get and MOT on the VIN number, get insured and then send the forms and fee off to DVLA for an age related number and first years tax.