916 showa forks?

OK so the plan is to do a lightning rebuild on the 916:
The question the forks (the ali main body) is corroded and flacking in places so i can dismantel them and and skim then on the lathe (not the area where they clamp of course). but then the question of anodising where do i send them? anyone?
Or the second option is to buy some good condition replacments? but looking on flebay they all have issues.
So to expand me search what other Ducati forks are exactly the same? or the same ali main body e.g. st4?

Your thoughts would be appriciated?


Try Reactive Suspension near York or Brook Suspension (Bradford). There must be others but these are the nearest to me! :slight_smile:

I have a mate that works in anodising so i am tempted to machine a fraction of a mil off and then get them anodised.
I also have Baines racing taking a look to see what they have!

Failing that im in the market for a pair of good condition 1998 916 forks.

Hi Greg

What is the caliper mounting bolt spacing on your forks 40mm or 65mm?

Steve B

40 mm

Ebay £150