916 sp gudgion pin?

OK i need a 916 sp gudgion pin they are 21mm just to be differant from the rest at 20mm :open_mouth:

part number 12110221A and discontinued …bum!

Sounds like a job for an engineering firm. Or, fingers crossed someone can come up with an interchangeable part either way it’s a pain when bits are no longer available.
Put one Santas list he’s bound to find one for you! :smiley:

In the past I’ve used shortened XS650 Yamaha pins in my old Bevel twins Cosworth pistons, I’m sure that if you have a look around you’ll find something that can be modified.
I did swap* a pair of 916SP pistons to a mate Tim who wanted only one of them for his “JABSA”, a BSA pre unit single with a Jawa 4 valve speedway top end sprinter.
That was featured on the Carol Nash calendar one year, but I haven’t seen him for a couple of years now.
I could try and get in touch with him to see if he’ll sell his spare pin or piston/pin?
Or send me the dimensions of the pin and I’ll ask around, I’ve a few priceless contacts for this sort of thing. :wink:

*I swapped my pair of used 916SP pistons for a NOS 851Tricolore Kit 888 barrel, piston, rings, all the shims, gaskets, cir clips etc.
I then used the barrel, rings etc in my tuned 916cc 851 motor and sold on the kit piston to a German 851Tricolore Kit owner.

Steve R

I have an old! xs650 in the shed.

i37.photobucket.com/albums/e52/g … CF2542.jpg

Dont think im going to pull it appart just yet though it took too long putting it together.

That’s a nice flat track XS, down 'ere in Cornwall one of my mate’s is building something similar and another has an XS motor in a Honda MotoX rolling chassis.
The XS pins are actually 20mm, my point was that all you really need are a pair of 21mm pins that you could then quite easily modify to your needs.
Early 750 roundcase Bevels used 21mm pins and they’re still available.

Steve R

21mm od
60mm long
11.95mm id *but
tapers from 14.7mm

Have a man looking and have called around 20 ducati dealers with no luck. :frowning:

I keep looking at the old one but it has just too much corrosion.

Found a pair of pistons rings and pins for £100 :smiley: