916 SPS frame numbers

Hi, does anyone know what the earliest 916sps frame number is as I am trying to ascertain when mind was built and if it is a very early one

Quoting from Ian Falloon’s Ducati 916 book
“In November 1999 all 916SPSs from frame number 000001 to 001728 were recalled to have the rear wheel axle checked for possible defects”
(This recall was not just for the SPS as I had a '97 Biposto at the time which was also recalled).

Production figures are also given in the book
1996 - 4 x 1997 916SPS
1997 - 400 x 1997 916SPS + 550 x 1998 916SPS Europe + 50 916SPS USA
1998 - 408 x 1998 916SPS Europe + 50 916SPS USA + 202 916SPS Fogarty Replica England.

So why the frame numbers went up to 1728 when they only built 1260 is anybody’s guess. :slight_smile: