916 starting problem

Afternoon all
So, having signed up to the club and forum, part of the reason is to reach out for help (as I can’t get to an official garage) in a starting problem with a ‘94, 916.
My old man had the bike fully serviced in Sept last year after which it came to me, spent the winter on a charger and being started every week to warm up, however just prior to the lock down I went for a crackin’ 80 mile ride without problems.
Next week she struggled to start (having been on the same charger since the run) and the week after she wouldn’t start at all. Spoke to the service centre who did the work in Sept and they advised a new battery. Ordered, installed and she started. Went for an essential 40 mile ride and she seemed to drink a fair bit of fuel but I figured that for such a bike. Back on charge for a week and now won’t start again.
Best I get is half a second after releasing the starter button then she dies. She has fuel so I can’t figure out what’s stopping her running again. Could the regulator / rectifier not be charging the battery?
Any help, tips and guidance would be appreciated.

Does she turn over ok , you know or does the battery seem flat ?
I have had something similar on my 848 just recently, the forums suggested battery so swapped one over from a different bike with no change .
I then wemt back to my first thoughts with plugs so took them out they were a bit sooty and only the slightest of spark so I cleaned them and tried them again result ! Huge spark . I have ordered a new set as within a few days the bike was struggling to start again .
Could just be as simple as that and at least you’re crossed of a problem without spending anymore money .
I know it sounds to simple but that was my 848’s problem.

Try basics but sounds like the reg rec or worth testing, it affects fuelling and if go whilst out riding shut down one cylinder, then eventually both.

So an update - after 4 days on a better battery charger she fired first time. Ran a few tests with a volt meter and having also read a few of the forum comments and press articles, I’m heading towards changing the regulator rectifier. Plugs, oil, fuel and air filters were all changed in Sept and there’s a good spark so its the regulator which is more likely the culprit.
Next question therefore is where to get a recommended aftermarket quality item?

I dont know if it would be after market but I have found motorapido very fair and helpful.

Buy a Mosfett and then mount it behind the rear number plate away from the extreme heat of the OEM mounting position.

Steve R

As an update for all - did some poking and prodding around the engine including tank off, looking down the intakes and electrical checks. Couldn’t find anything loose or wrong, put her back together and she’s been fine since. Frustrating as bound to be something which will stop working again but for now, roads are dry, lockdown’s almost lifted and she runs sweet.

So I’m resurrecting this post as months on and the problem persists. I’ve now fitted ‘Exact Start’ cables between the battery and starter motor and while the motor sounds like it’s getting more juice, the engine is still a pig to get going. You have to open the throttle more than just beyond the fast idle and when she does fire there’s plenty of smoke. I’m guessing now the injectors may be dirty or the tuning needs looking at.
Any ideas?

It’s a tough one, it could be anything, a fault like that is annoying as you will get lots of differing advice.
You have to chase it with fuel, spark, power and just keep at it.