916 Strada - Tracing its history to preserve the heritage

After over 5 years of searching I have finally managed to get hold of a lovely, unmolested, original factory spec 1994 916 Strada. No white panels, no bubble screens, no carbon pipes … in fact no upgraded or changed anything!! A rare find indeed and a thing of immense beauty.

The bike was imported to the UK in 2005 and I would dearly like to find out its full history from its life in Italy: When it was registered, where it was registered, its original Italian reg number, etc. Apart from being of tremendous personal interest to me, I feel that it will add substantially to maintaining the integrity of the heritage of Tamburini’s finest moment. I really can’t believe there will be too many of the original Stradas remaining in such an original state.

I had hoped that the factory in Bologna might have a records department specifically for the purpose of recording the history and maintaining their heritage as best they can, but I drew a blank when I was out there in 2008. Perhaps I just asked the wrong questions.

So, if I provide chassis and engine numbers, would anyone be able to help me with my quest?

I might be able to help - I’m able to contact various people at Ducati (UK and Bologna) who may be able to answer your questions. Contact me direct editor@docgb.org

nice find, and as you say a rare one too. the 916 strada truly is a thing of beauty and im not jealous, not one bit, honest im not :cry: .
good luck with the search.

What’s it look like? lets have a picture?

There’s a hint in the title Kev…
It’s a standard 916 Strada. :wink:

Steve R


I’ll get some photos taken in the coming weeks and stick 'em on Flickr … and post the link here too, of course :smiley:

“Desmo” has kindly taken on the case of its original Italian history. Fingers crossed!


Ok, so it’s been a few weeks but I believe worth the wait. My grateful thanks go out to my buddy, Mike, who has spent many a cold night in his garage taking the machine apart and rebuilding it, performing a complete baseline service and much more along the way.

Photos on Flickr:


Fresh rubber and some original brake levers will complete the package. If you can spot anything that’s not Factory Standard, be sure to let me know.