94 900ss clutch

Hi there this is my first post so here goes, I bought my ducati 900ss eleven years ago to come to France and three weeks before we moved the engine blew, fast forward ten years and here I am aged nearly fifty and I have finally got the old girl back on the road.Now my problem is ten years later and copious amounts of beer later instead of the ten stone whippet I was stands a fuller twelve stone fine figure of a man who’s wrists kill him just thinking about riding the duke so two questions riser bars to start has any one fitter them and secondly clutch upgrade, I know I can replace the slave cylinder but this seen to increase the need for a lot more leaver travel would not a master cylinder not be the better option, I look forward to all comments cheers kev

What is the problem with the clutch? The slave cylinder seals of that era are prone to failure, if so, then replace with a later model or aftermarket one, there are plenty of options. (some require a different length pushrod or have a spacer in the kit if required).

If you are finding the action too heavy, then check everything is working as it should,
master cylinder,
slave cylinder,
pushrod moving freely,
bearing in the pressure plate OK,
basket not badly grooved,
and just remove two of the springs (an opposite pair of course) which should give an easy fix for a lighter action.


PS don’t get any ideas about buying a 748 or 9*6 as the 900 is a comfy armchair by comparison. Then again if you do get a 4 valver you will soon learn about having real pressure on your wrists and the 900 will be a joy to ride…