996 Alloy sprocket and suspension settings

Hi, I’ve just returned to the Ducati world after a few years abscence and probably a mid life crisis or atleast that’s what my wife thinks! Having owned two 748’s in the past I have just purchased a 996s :laughing: from Ducati Manchester, which requires a bit of TLC.

The first question I have is, does anyone out there know of an alloy rear sprocket which fits the standard carrier? I can’t justify the added expense of a Renthal/Talon sprocket carrier but I do like the look of alloy sprockets.

Are there are any suspension settings for front and rear (Showa shock and Ohlins if I can get hold of one cheap) for the road? There are plenty for the track but I haven’t found any for the road.

Thanks in anticipation.

Hi there, try looking for suspension settings on the Ducati.com web site. They carry manuals for their old bikes on site as well. Failing that your local dealer will help you out.