996 gold wheel paint code

Hi all

I’m planning to change the wheel colour on my 17 Supersport S and am hoping somebody can post a paint code to match the gold wheels on the 996 or similar.



Hi Mark , Please take this as a bit tongue in cheek .
Oh the ole Ducati paint code :rofl:, I think they chose such unique colours there a job to find .
I’v tried asking for the 916 Green / Gunmetal colour on the engine casings .
I really hope someone comes up to help …
I have a set of 97 916 Ducati racing wheels in the original colour. If you are local you could borrow one and try and get a match at you’re local spray shop but think they would struggle.
Any way , Good luck and nice to meet you .
Regards Brian

Try RS bike paint website

Hi guys,

Thanks for both your replies, I’ll give the RS site a go for now but thanks for the offer of a wheel BJducs.

Much appreciated.

Mark C

Thats handy . I will look that up myself .

Looks like Subaru Impreza Gold Wheel paint is very similar. Code is apparently GK1

Even if you get the code it does not guarantee the shade, all the reds are the same code but we all know not all Ducati’s are the same shade of red, same as frame and wheels unfortunately

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No, obviously the undercoat has a lot to do with the base colour and any lacquer but to be honest as long as it’s close I’ll be happy.

I am building a foggy rep and recently sprayed my frame as my stove enamelers couldn’t get a gold I liked at a cost effective price so they blasted it and stoved it in white primer.
I then found an Irish company selling bronze gold ducati paint in a spray can , ( cellulose) its quite a dark gold once you layer it up so not to blingy .I will try and up load a pic

I had this little outfit do mine:


Brilliant powder coating colour match.


not a fan of the gold so no help from me but I know a panel beater sprayer he may be able to help