996 Headlight Fogging

Same as my question about the fuel light - only had my 996 about 4 weeks. My headlight has a little fogging - an annoyance level really - but - how can I resolve it, short of a new headlight (which i’m sure is either rarer than hens teeth, or hideously expensive (or even both)onstantly on fuel light.

Hoping it’s something i can do over the winter.

The lights fog and clear, you can try to remove the back if it and get something in to wipe, when the temp warms up it will clear.

I have found away of cleaning them without any stripping down . I’v done 3 now as its a common problem.
It takes a little care and a little volatile liquid .
I did have some before and after pictures.
I will try and find them and post .
Regards Brian

That would be awesome!