996 sprag clutch help/advise needed

Tomorrow EVE I ride out to TT…

However, I have a dilemma, do I swap out my whining spag clutch before I go or wait til after the TT.


Sprag clutch differences
I have a replacement KTM sprag, but found that it is slightly different in so much as it doesn’t have a retaining lip on the underside, I assume the lip is to ensure the clutch is fitted right way round and therefore the KTM sprag (identical in function and form other than the lip) will be just fine.

I only have one day to initiate the change… So what should I be aware of as potential problems.

What special or otherwise tools should I use, beyond the usual sockets and Allen keys.

  • already advised in a flywheel tool - does anyone have one ?

Do I need to drop the oil and water?

  • advised that I will need to do both

Will I get any tonite as I’ll be excited for the TT and worried for the 996 sprag???

Anyone with experience of the above in west yorks with nothing better to do wanna help/guide?

Cheers guys (n gals)