996 Swingarm replacement

Can anybody help with some advice with regards to replacing the swingarm on my 996.
The Haynes Manual says that the engine needs to come out first, is this correct or is there a clever solution that you could let me Know about.
Thanks for any,

Hi Lee,

tried to find a thread on this subject for you that i read, but cannot find it right now but found another. see link.

It can be done, and one of the main problems is getting the pivot shaft out, as it tends to seize in place, so use plenty of penetrating oil prior to starting. I have read also that sometimes the shaft has to be cut out. Guys have used jacks to open up the frame slightly to release the arm, using various methods so not to damage the frame paintwork. Spend some time searching and find what best suits your skill set.

speedzilla.com/forums/ducati … ine-2.html

hope this helps

There’s no reason I can see for them saying that. The only issue you have is that you need a way to support the frame/engine when you remove the swingarm. Good luck, if it’s not been out for a while they can seize in place, and the only way to remove it is to jack the frame tubes out and cut the spindle with a hacksaw blade!