996S will not start

Hello all. I started my 996S this morning prior to taking it for MOT

It has been in my workshop for months but started regularly

The bike started as normal ran for about five minutes then stopped, no noise, it just died

I put a little more fuel in just case

Now it will not start at all, it has never been tempremental or had any issues, done abot 13K miles and always had belts changed etc

I took the tank off and there was little fuel present when I disconnected the fuel lines so that seems OK, I took the upper plug out and that looked OK so I cleaned it, cranked it over and good spark is present

So I appear ot have fuel, sparke and it swings over but it will not start, any ideas

That’s a strange one, does fuel pump prime when ignition on ?

Yes, everything as usual. Turn the ignition on, fuel pump primes, engine swings over - no go

If I had to bet, I would say no fuel is getting through but I had the tank off and it all seems OK. I dont know if there is a way to purge fuel through the non quick release valves.

Ok listening to you guys ?
I have a few 748’s and a 848 that dont get many miles .
I had a similar problem. My first 748 wouldn’t start after running her out of fuel on the stand . I put 5lts of fuel in . Petrol light went out still wouldn’t start . 2 more litres later started fine .
The fuel system is pretty fail safe

Try it before going down an exspensive rd