999 Bip rear wheel spacer

[attachment=0]IMGP1279.JPG[/attachment]Hello and Happy New Year. I recently bought a 2003 999 Bip. ’05 registered but only 4,000 mls. There is a spacer in the rear wheel, outer edge of hub, disc rotor side. My factory manual shows it being distinctly “stepped” (with a shoulder on the outer edge); however, my manual is for an “S” model, not Bip. My spacer is plain, not stepped, 30mm bore, 40mm O/D, 9mm thick; however, there is a slight lip on one edge, approx. 40.5mm diam. The spacer is badly scored, apparently from the seal running around it. Can anyone confirm if it SHOULD be plain (or with a slight lip) and which way does the lip go? Fitted to the inside on mine, forced past the seal, and doesn’t “seem right”. Thanks very much.