999 rear subframe

Thinking of getting a 999. Could be mono or bip. Even if it’s a bip, I won’t carry a pillion but probably fit Ventura luggage (they do it for both bikes.) I’ve read numerous postings on forums (not this one) about rear subframe failures; indeed, my mate’s 749S failed before my very eyes a few years ago (no luggage) - scary! 1) I believe the mono’s are aluminium? Are the biposto’s steel, and hence stronger? 2) I’ve read that the factory did a couple of upgrades. Did this sort it, and when did the “good ones” come out? 3) If the answer to (1) is yes, can a bip be fixed to a mono (presumably a bit of hacking needed)? Cheers!

From the early 851’s (but not the Tricolore) through to the 999’s (and possibly beyond?) the mono posto bikes have had alloy sub frames, whilst the Bi posto’s have have steel items, for obvious reasons.
The only exceptions that I know of were the USA market 888SPO/SPO Ltd’s, that were a pale/cheap imitation (read here a homologation special to legalise the single seat for racing in the AMA Championships) of the real “Hot Rod” 851/888SP’s.

As each models frames are pretty much identical between the monos/Bip’s the sub frames are interchangeable…As in they’ll bolt onto the frames, but you may have to play around/modify them to fit mono seat units to Bip’ sub frames and vice-versa. It’s all do able though.
I 1st fitted a mono seat unit to my modified Bip sub frame on my 851, but then later got hold of a genuine alloy SP sub frame.

If I were going to carry heavy luggage on a mono seat unit, I’d use a modified steel sub frame out of choice for the extra strength.

Steve R

Nothing more to say, covered everything !!