999 Spark Plugs

Guys just a note
Recently done a service as such on my 03 999 you know oil,plugs,filter etc.
Had a problem with plugs,mine had Champions in and when I enquired with local bike shops was told Champions Spark plugs are now very hard to get as company no longer in buisness and recomended plugs are NGK’S.The problem I had was couldnt screw plug into recess in cylinder :angry: .The reason being is the body on the NGK(from hexagon down to thread)is smaller then Champs ones.I found my spark plug socket(the one supplied with the 999 tool kit) was hitting the top of the recess before the screw thread was anywhere near locating the cylinder.
Managed to get round it by grinding the outside of the socket to enable the plug to bite on the internal thread.
Just thought be of some assistance to those of you who have yet to change plugs.
Cheers Timbo. :smiley:

Hello Tim.
Yes it’s one of them 2 minute jobs that lasts for hours!
I think Champion plugs are still available, it’s just that they didn’t do them?
I usually get mine from the net or Ebay.
are the Champion standard plugs RG4HC?

ive recently bought two champions for my 916, from a duke dealer. they are ra59gc and in a duke box. think kev is right about the champion thing, just the bike shop didnt have any.
thanks for the info though, as i usually use ngk plugs. never a problem with the ss.