A Little Wave from Roo



New owner here, just thought I’d pop in and say hello. I’m Debs from near Birmingham, relatively new to riding my own, but getting there! I’m still on stabilisers at the moment, so can’t actually ride Daisy yet and have teeny tiny legs, so am having issues getting her to fit me, but we’re taking baby steps!!

Daisy is a 2000 M600 Monster and is very much loved :smiley:

Hello Deb.
Have you got the shock sorted out yet, summer’s here!


Hi Kevin

Not yet, not doing it that way yet. We’re going down the route of lowering the spare seat and seeing how we get on! The only problem I’m having at the moment is with the spring-loaded side stand! My leg isn’t long enough to get it fully down, so once I’m moving I can’t stop :smiley:

… and hello from me!
Have you got Daisy sorted yet so that you can ride her?

Hi Desmo

Not quite sorted yet! I can just about touch the floor now I have had my saddle scooped, but I can’t quite reach to get the side stand down and am not big enough or confident enough to jump off her to put the side stand down. I think I may have to modify it slightly to fit me.

I’m OK for a couple of weeks yet, as I am still on stabilisers until I pass my big girls’ test :smiley: :smiley:

you’ll get there! :wink:

Hi Desmo

Yeah, I’m getting there slowly! Still don’t fit the bike, so need to get my thinking cap on & got my 2nd Mod 2 next week.

It’ll get sorted eventually!