A question for the trivia gurus

Been doing a bit of digging and apparently the Ducati Darmah is named after a tiger in an Italian childrens’ book and not due to any spiritual links or meanings that would appear more obvious to those of us not in the know about historic childrens’ stories in Italy.

So the question is - What is the name of the childrens book from Italy featuring a tiger called Darmah?

Google has been a waste of space as the algorithms rarely bother to search what you are looking for and type in when there’s an opportunity to display what they think you want to see . . . or if we are being blunt, anything that involves revenue generating content.

Thanks to anyone who can find the answer.

So a bit of Googling suggests:

Sandokan: The Tigers of Mompracem by Emilio Salgari

And then Dharma, The Tiger from India (Italian: Dharma la tigre dell’India) is the seventh episode of the first season (The Tiger of Malaysia) of the animated series, Sandokan.

Thanks for that, I seemed to go around in circles but it gave me a better chance to continue further with some finer targeted searches.

Apparently the tiger Dharma appears in the book from the Sandokan series called 'The Two Tigers". That is where it gets a bit squirrely and heads on a slight tangent in the cartoon series you mention.

Trying to find a little more about the book ‘The Two Tigers’ that is available in paperback translated into English. The orginal book was published in Italy 1904.

I’ll update here if and when I find any more.

Thanks! :o)