Acid Etching

Last year my battery had a mental and emptied its contents all over the Sainless exhaust and Alloy rear wheel.

Its as though it has etched into the metal and I have failed to remove the scars- does anyone have any ideas?

Hi Keith,
As part of my appreticship it was down to me to hand polish all of the iron work on the Royal Horse Drawn coaches, (before they went to the platers) after the Blacksmith I was working with had made the kit…
I started with the coarse files draw filing, then stepped down through the different grades of file…
Then with emery cloth wrapped around the fine file went down through all of the grades of cloth, draw filing (whilst sweating an awful lot) until I had a perfect mirror finish.
I don’t think you need to start with a ‘Barstard’ file but I think this’s the way to go!
I don’t think you’ll find an esay way to get rid of the acid staining, you’ll just have to get polishing…
Or pay someone to do it for you!
I did get an invite to the Royal Garden Party after all of my hard work though…
I turned it down!

Steve R

Hi everyone and Keith Grotherfill especially!

I’ve been fettling my bike far to much of late as those of you who receive the e-mail list will know…
Anyway cut to the chase…
I was surfing Steve Allen’s Bevel Heaven website and found this little gem that could have saved an awful lot of mess (and work!) when Keith’s 900SS shat it’s battery acid all over his loverly conti and alloy rear wheel rim last year at the “Team Spaggies Tours” IOM TT attack, it cost around £10 inc’ p+p from the states and arrived inside of 4 days.
Yes I know you could make up the same sort of thing from an old shampoo bottle etc but this is quite neat and WTF’s a tenner these days?
Here’s a link, I hope it works.
Nessie did try to put some pic’s up of it in situ’ on my bike but we gave up in the end, life was just to short!

Steve R…The real one not that Stevie R from oopnorth!