Activating newOEM heated grips on a 939 Supersport

I recently bought the factory heated grips for my 939 supersport. The kit was good and easy to install neatly - plug and play in fact. Except not quite as ‘HGrips’ doens’t appear in th menu once fitted unless the software is flashed and told they are fitted.

Does anyone know a fix for this I can do at home to get them working - can I plug into the USB port on the bike and modify such things, and if so does anyone know where I can get the software to add the option. The previous owner of my bike must have done something similar as he fitted the OEM quickshifter to this standard Supersport (but I guess that might have been done at a Ducati service centre with its last service?

Did u fix this? In my manual on p81 it talks about them being enabled. The shop fitted mine so I don’t know exactly. I did have trouble switching them on, which I now know is scroll to HGRIPS using button 2, then hold button 2 in the down position and the settings for HGRIPS appear it may be that enable is one of them until they are enabled. Just a guess.