Advice please

Hello All,

I’ve very reluctantly decided to sell my JHP tuned Ducati 999s as I’m simply not getting to ride it anymore. It’s a 2005 bike which was bought new by myself from JHP Covnetry. Mr Hackett gas flowed the head, fitted Hi comp pistons, power commander with quick shifter, full Ducati 999 Leo Vince titanium exhaust system, slipper clutch. I fitted Giles CNC footpegs. It has Forged (not cast) JHP supplied Marchesini forged magnesium wheelset in gloss black.
It’s done a total of 3512 miles (road a few trackdays) and had a full service history from JHP until I stopped riding it around 2010.
I have all the original parts as new, e.g. wheels, tyres, factory pipes and silencers, foot pegs.

My questions are:

a)  Is it better to sell it with  the exhaust system, wheels on,  or put the factory parts on and sell the special parts separately?
 b)  Any idea of the kind of price achievable of;  the bike with part on, bike with standard wheels and exhaust, wheels and exhaust separately?

Hi Steve

The Standard thing to do for maximum return is to put all the original parts back on and sell the added performance/bling items separately.
Clutch, wheels, footpegs etc. should sell easily.
Depending on age, the original tyres may now be U/S.

I would just question whether it would run properly with the standard exhaust back on, having had engine & power commander work done, but the man who did the work should be able to advise you on that. Leaving the performance exhaust on would probably help it sell more quickly anyway.
Maybe adjust the price accordingly to include the original system for the new buyer in case their local MOT station does things by the book.

Can’t help on price.

Steve B

Thanks Steve

If I was selling mine which has lots of extras and the buyer was willing to give me what I wanted then I would do that, the less he would be willing to pay the more would come off, all about the negotiation, I would advertise with it on though