advice please?

Hi All,

Thanks in anticipation for any reply. I was a member a thousand years ago before the computers ruled the planet and have returned now I have retired.

I am considering selling my poor old Hailwood Replica which I have owned for 30 years now. The old girl hasn’t run for about 20 years and I always said I would restore it when I retired but I don’t believe I would be fit to ride it let alone start it any more! The bike is complete with the original 1 piece fairing and a 900 ss fairing which I much preferred.[ you could see the gorgeous engine and the ground clearance wasn’t compromised ]

I am thinking it must be worth £5000 ?

I would really appreciate any input.

Thanks, good luck,
Grant Ashcroft [ sunny Norn Iron ]

Hello Grant,
Prices for bevel drive bikes (and parts) have gone up a huge amount over the last few years, you would have a queue round the block at that price!
I would think that an up and running MHR would be around £10,000-12,000 (far more for a real minter) so it would depend on how much work yours would take to get to this state.
The fact that you have owned it for so long would be a big plus, rather than a string of uncaring owners.
As yours is complete the only real concern would be the engine condition, the cost of rebuilding one has gone up in line with bike values!
Have a look at “Made In Italy Motorcycles” web site or give John a ring he should be able to give a professional opinion.

Could be worth quite a bit more, can you get some pictures on.

After not being run for all those years it’ll need the motor stripping/refreshing and all of the hydraulic’s overhauling.
But it’s still worth a lot more than 5K…
I’d have broken your arm off for it at that price.

Steve R