I had a chat with Marco at WSB and sorted the paperwork out, I now get access to the full site on Ducati Italy and if anybody wants to have a look then they can gladly have the password, it may be good for Fred as he can post events onto their website, there are quite a few restrictions on logo’s and even on some clubs badge as it is a copy of a Ducati logo, we are ok and when questioned it will all be changing for the better for the clubs next year, it seems to be one persons idea that has gone wrong.

I asked about the safe rider for the club, the reply was we need do nothing, Ducati were pressured into it as they sell high performance vehicles, this does not need to be a CoM position and we can discuss what we want to do at next meet, Frank has “volunteered” as he is qualified as an instructor and does actively teach people up to advanced level.

I also spoke with Gary B about the club and how he is still very respected amongst the clubs due to his antics whilst there, look at his facebook page(we need one for the cloub too), should we make him world club liaison or whatever title we think up, obviously not on the CoM again but a small piece in Desmo and on the website for if anybody is travelling and wants to meet up with a foreign club then Gary will make the introduction, Gary is happy to do this and his number used.

Sounds like you’ve been busy Martyn. Good to see that relations with Ducati are taking a turn for the better after the recent acrimony we’ve been faced with. Also good to hear that Gaz B is still prepared to play a role within the club. I, for one, think that Gaz did a lot to move the club forward and it would be a shame if his enthusiasm and ‘unique talents’ were not utilised by the club in some shape or form.