After a mere thirty-year break I'm back!

Hi, my name’s Fred and bought my 750gt new in 1974. I was a member of the club in the 1980’s and was fairly active with the Bristol branch. I clocked up many miles on long continental trips with very few problems but by the start of the '90s the spares situation had become very difficult. (those with a long memory will remember a constant stream of supply problems; (Coburn and Hughes declaring war on the suppliers of pattern parts, Sports Motorcycles and Mick Walkers plus others closing, the rise and fall of the clubs “Rare Spares” scheme etc.)
It even looked as if Ducati would go to the wall as a manufacturer at that time.
So the 750 went to the back of the garage and I sold my soul to the other vee-twins from Mandello del Lario.
Now thirty years on the 750 has been pulled out of the garage, dusted down, had far to much money thrown at it and is back on the road again.750


That is a stunning bike, would like it in my garage !! Was good to talk to you at Shepton

Thats a Great looking bike mate , really nice :+1:

Hi Martyn,
it was good to see you as well. I’ll chase up the Bristol crowd at some point.

I think so too!