AGM - 18th April

[size=200]Annual General Meeting of the Ducati Owners Club GB[/size]
[size=150]Venue: The National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull[/size]
[size=150]Date: 18th April 2015[/size]

The Council of Management welcomes you to the 2015 Annual General Meeting. Please note that only fully paid up DOC(GB) members have the right to attend, speak and vote.


[size=100]11.00 am Meeting Opens[/size]

Apologies for Absence

Review/Approval 2013 and 2014 AGM minutes

Council of Management Member’s Reports:

Chairman … Martyn Edwards
Secretary … Adrian Such
Treasurer … Clive FitzGerald
Webmaster … Steve Price
Membership Secretary … Kevin Baker
Desmo Editor/Advertising … Jilly Penegar
Regalia Secretary (interim)… Colin Darlow
Technical Literature … Colin Darlow
Northern Rally Organiser (interim) … Natalee Claydon-Yates
Southern Rally Organiser … Chris Calton
Severn Rally Organiser … Kevin Baker
BMF Liaison Officer… Steve Benn
Events Co-ordinator… Fred Ellis
Branch Co-ordinator … Guy Gagen
DOC Bike Dating Service … Peter Ward
MAG Rep … Wayne Penman
Tool Hire … Graham Stoppani

The reports will be read by the relevant CoM officers with a summary given by Chairman.

Re-election of Council of Management members

Notes: All CoM members are offering themselves for re-election other than Colin Darlow, who is stepping down as Interim Regalia Secretary. Leigh Scott has been proposed for the Regalia post, and Natalee Claydon-Yates as Northern Rally Organiser. The Articles of Association do not require any existing CoM member to be proposed or seconded to be eligible for re-election. In addition, in the case where the CoM accepts and / or recommends a member for a CoM position he / she does not need to be proposed or seconded either. Copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association are available from the Club Secretary upon request prior to the meeting as well as copies being available at the meeting.

12.30 pm Break for Lunch

1.30 pm Deal with motions put before the meeting and Any Other Business

Motion 1: Presentation of the proposed budget for 2015/16
by Clive FitzGerald

2.30 pm The Awarding & Presentation of the Editors Cup, Peter Ward Trophy & President’s Shield and any other awards

3.00 pm Meeting Closes

You can download a copy of the agenda below
agm2015.pdf (1.58 MB)

A busy day … let’s hope that quite a few DOC GB members are there :slight_smile:

Yes, see you all there.

Who else is going? (Apart from the DOC GB CoM)

A good AGM, and great to see many friends old and new there

It was very enjoyable, the room was perfect. Good was good all in all a success.