AGM / Dinner dance later this year?

Anything fixed re the proposed AGM later this year? I need to know fairly soon in order to get things under way for the Dinner / dance … :wink:

Thought we’d discuss this at the next COM meeting, but I suggest no later than 15th November or we risk clashing with Xmas do’s.

I thought the plan was to hold it the same weekend as the NEC and get some sort of offer / tie-up with the show? If this is the case, we need to move fast :slight_smile: … And can we have 2 AGMs in a year? :confused:

Not sure how that would all fit in.

A.O.A says that AGM’s shall be held no more than 15 Months apart. There is nothing to say the they have to be no less than 12 months apart.

The idea would be to have the AGM on the Saturday mid-morning / early afternoon, either wander round the Museum or visit the NEC. Dinner/ dance at the Museum in the evening (the arrangement used to be that if we had the AGM at the NMM, we had the use of a downstairs function room the same evening for very little extra cost). Then either the Museum / NEC on the Sunday - NEC admission at a reduced price if we could guarantee x number of entries. It would be a good carrot to dangle under the noses of members if the whole weekend could be spent at club events and the NEC nearby - all at a good rate / plenty of interest :slight_smile: - and it would save people extra travel time.