AGM Formal Motions

Annual General Meeting of the Ducati Owners Club GB
The National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham
11am, 18th April 2009

Formal Motions

  1. Proposer: Jilly Penegar Seconded: Fiona Fox

We propose that a proper record be kept on all club equipment, with items available (such as club banners) for those organising events. The club to buy 3 dedicated club banners, with one banner to be kept in the south (for use at Southern rally, Bristol show, Piazza Italia etc), one in the Midland (for BMF, Stafford etc) and one on the north (for Northern rally etc).

  1. Proposer: Steve Rose Seconded: Andrew Jones

We propose that ‘The Pageant of Power’ in Cheshire be put forward as an official DOCGB event annually in July.

Also ‘Stafford Classic bike show in October’ remain as an annual event.