AGM Notice

Hi, I urgently need date etc for this year’s AGM if the details are to be in Desmo 182! Mag is currently at proof stage, so I need details asap (today!!) otherwise it’ll have to miss this issue …

[size=150]April was mentioned at the last com meet but it would have to be the end as it needs to be in 2 DESMOS before the AGM.

not much help I suppose![/size]

Thanks, Guy. I’ve had to put it in as April 2009 (date tbc) The AAs say that there has to be a months notice, so that should be enough info until Desmo 183 … hopefully, I’ll have the date by then :unamused:


we got as far as saying the AGM was late April at the December COM. I have the week off from work next week and am planning to do a load of DOC catch-up work then. I will book a room at the Nat Motorcycle Museum probably for the last Saturday in April if the room is free.

Oh … :astonished: I assumed the venue was the Museum, and put those details in the AGM Notice :unamused:

End of April seems good to me

It’s the Bristol Auto Moto event on the 25th April …

not that date then!! I am working on the 18th as well, so notthen or I cannot make it.

spoken to the Nat Motorcycle Museum and the last three Saturdays in April are available for the AGM - that’s the 11th, 18th and 25th. They are provisionally keeping all three dates open but we will need to pick one PDQ. Can you let me know what your preferences as I’m sure not everyone will be able to make each date :slight_smile:

[size=150]I’ll be at Bristol on the 25th. The other dates are fine at the moment.


Although I have friends coming to stay, the 18th is the best date for me - it’s Easter weekend on the 11th, and, as mentioned before, it’s Bristol Auto Moto on the 25th (I know there’s quite a few club members going to that event …)

I will need to know the date - and any other relevant info about the AGM (CoM situations vacant, Agenda, etc) - by the 9th March for inclusion in Desmo 183.

I’ve booked the 18th with the NMM as a definite since it didn’t look to good for the 25th with Bristol and Stafford both on that date and the 11th being a bank holiday… Many thanks to all of you who got right back to me and my apologies to Martyn who I think is busy on the 18th.

As far as I know I’m in the same boat as Guy.

Pass the bailer, Guy, please.


18th is good for me.

Still working on the 18th, will try to swap but its down to colleagues, we have also bought another business so working a bit hard at the moment, anybody like Bentley’s ??

Bentley’s what??? :laughing:

18th of April should be ok for me. I’ll put it in my diary.


Is it time to put a notice out on the Forum and the email list (sorry) to the general membership about the actual day in April for the AGM? 18th, right?


Yes! It will also be in Desmo 183 - Frank and Martyn have been advised of the the dates to let TPW know the quantity and mailing list, so all members should be notified in time. (Advance news in Desmo 182)
Any chance of the Agenda, and CoM posts up for grabs at the AGM? Might help to generate more interest for members to turn up - not holding my breath though!!!

Aside from DESMO, I recommend all branch reps get proactive and email their groups directly - and nag and nag and nag.

If you’ve never attended in the past another mention in DESMO isn’t going to get you there this time. Certainly all the branch reps ought to be ‘encouraged’ to attend.

Scorch, do you feel like shaking some branches? :stuck_out_tongue: