Ally Pally Show

It seems that word of the success of the Shepton Mallett stand has spread far and wide. I’ve just been approached by the organisers of the Ally Pally Bike Show about the possibility of having a stand there.

I haven’t given them an answer as yet, for obvious reasons. There would be no charge to the club for having a stand and free tickets would be provided, but it is very short notice. If anyone has a view on this can you get back to me ASAP so that I can:
a. Give them an answer.
b. Get the ball rolling if we are going to put on a display.

Great to hear that the stand has generated interest! What are the dates, Chris? Have you emailed Bob H as he’s nearest to get bikes there?

The show is scheduled for 17 Feb - 1 March. Surprised if they could squeeze us in but I’m game if we can make this a team effort!

Please drop me a bom… er, email directly or call if you want to reach me on this. I’m running around using the handheld rather than able to check the Forum these days.


Blimey - not much notice there, then!!! And that’s quite a task to have people to man the stand for that length of time … :open_mouth: Good luck!!!

I think that should read “27 Feb - 1 March”. I’ll give you a call later today and see if we can arrange something. I’m happy to help as much as possible but if I spend another weekend away from home, so soon after Shepton Mallett, Rona will have my love spuds on a skewer!! :open_mouth:


er, too much info there, Chris :open_mouth:
The amended dates are more realistic, that’s for sure!

I passed. Thanks for the chance but couldn’t raise enough support. The response to the below was positive. We can be there next year.

"Dear Kelly,

Thank you again for the great invitation to have a Club stand at the Ally Pally Show 27 Feb - 1 March.

To run a stand at least to the excellent standard we just had at Shepton Mallet takes participation from a certain number of members and a fair amount of bits and pieces. Based on the response I’ve had it appears the short notice has caught us enough by surprise that we must regretfully decline your kind offer.

I am, of course, disappointed - but we didn’t want to run the risk of a substandard effort. It’s just a matter of time allocation.

That being said we would very much like to take part and show our support in the future. Do you think we might receive an invitation to appear at next year’s show?

With thanks and regards,
Bob Hartmann"

From the organiser:

"Yes, the event will take place from 26th - 28th February 2010, hopefully sufficient notice!

Stay in touch.


So it looks like we can plant a flag in that one. Help.


So that’s 2 shows firmed up for next year :sunglasses:

And I think a real prestige event to have a stand would be the Festival of 1000 bikes at Mallory. Last year there were about 50 club stands there (

What we need is a good events coordinator to volunteer so I can second him. :wink:

… and there’s someone waiting in the wings to be Events Co-ordinator - Fred Ellis!!