And a new 'un from Lichfield, Staffs

Hi all,

There must be something in the water round these parts, as i’m another of the recently 50 y/o’s that have gone all Ducati at last - also contemplating the pilgrimage to WDW in a few weeks.

Awarded myself a Multistrada for my birthday and in that non-red colour, just to be different. With 4004 miles on the clock in the 6 weeks or so, i think its fair to say i’m loving it so far. Hope to see some of you out and about.


Don’t forget to get to the Staffs branch meet, enjoy the bike, see you soon I hope.

Hello PeeJayEff.
Welcome to the forum, as Martyn say our Staffs meet will be your nearest.
If you are going to WDW full club members can buy tickets at 1/2 price, have a look at our website and click on the WDW 2016 banner for more info
There are quite a few members going.
Kevin Baker
DOCGB Memsec