Another group for me!!!

For those that don’t know, after my mate Paul Johnstone recently passed away, :cry: I bought his ST4 from Maria. After a few initial problems, mainly caused by the poxy Meta alarm fitted wanting to pick an argument with the factory fitted jobbie on my Jag, :cry: and immobilising it, I got it running in time for the TT. :smiley:
Unfortunately, lack of time in the saddle meant all I could do was pump the tyres up, fuel up, load up and go. The the IOM was not a happy place as the handling left a bit to be desired. :exclamation: That shouldn’t have been the case, but now I’ve played around with the tyre pressures (34 squinches in the front sorted it) it actually goes round corners quite well, so I’m starting to gel with it a bit. :smiley:
This week I finally got the OK from the DVLA to swap the reg no for my personal plate (previously on the Falco) so everything now seems to be done.
Anyway, Geoff, now that I’ve been dragged into the 21st century with a four-valver, I can start to interfere with your little group on this ST forum, to add to the Cagiva Era (Paso) and Springtwins (750GT and 860GTS) involvement.
So then, first question - where have they hidden the points on this thing :question: and what’s the best size main jet for the carbs. :question:

They are terrible things Spaggy. Because of that huge fairing you can’t tickle the carbs and you can’t even find the kick start. As for the oil, its really thin when cold and can’t be trusted!

Jack the back end up a bit and it will steer better, though you may not touch the ground then OOps LOL. Don’t go out at night unless you take some candles, lights are not the best.

I had no problem with finding the kick-start. My problem is getting my boot up to the handlebar to give that stupid little button a good kick. Couldn’t they have made it a more sensible size? :laughing:

Did that and it fell off the trolley jack.
Any more bright ideas?

he he, ive just found that out :smiley:
better than the ss at night though, that was pants :wink: