Another Lancy lad...

Hi all…

Just bought my second Multi, this time a 1100s in the much faster beautiful pearlescent white. Can’t wait to go wring it’s neck!

Last one was a 1000s in red, and I miss riding it so much I’ve gone and bought another.

I’ll be picking ur brains, both on here and (and anywhere else you recommend) and as I learn my stuff, I hope to pass it on to others.

Hope to see some of you out and about in East Lancs (i’m a Burnley lad) and maybe en route to the bridge.



Welcome to the Forum, Bob, I’m sure there will be plenty of people on here to share their knowledge with you - and there will probably be some of the Lancs people on here to say ‘hi’ also!

Hello, welcome and yes, the white ones are lovely, see you Monday at East Lancs branch meet.

That didn’t take long … :slight_smile: