Another new member on the Wirral

Hi all,
I joined DOC GB in February this year, it’s something I have been meaning to do for some years now but other commitments have always put it on the back burner.
I have always loved Ducati, when I was starting out I wanted a Mike Hailwood Replica, still do, but now as then I can’t afford one, not a good one anyhow. I was young and naive and too easily persuaded to go for a Z1000J. I don’t regret that, I still have it, one owner from new since 1981, but I do regret not getting the Duke.
I eventually got my first Ducati in 2003, a 750S, it gave me six years of pleasure. That was traded in for a 1098 in 2009, I haven’t used it as much as I would have liked (those other commitments again!) but I am going to World Ducati Week on it so that is about to change. I am thoroughly looking forward to it and maybe meeting some of you there. Roll on June!

Greetings and welcome.

Cheshire and Borders branch meet 2nd Wednesday of the month for socials, ride outs, rallies, barbies, shows etc. The branch is currently looking for a leader but we still meet up.

8 of us from this area are going to WDW for 2 weeks so drop in some details and we will meet up down there or on route.

Steve Rose

Hi Steve,

I was hoping to get up to the meet on Wednesday but those commitments got in the way again! Ill try to get there for May.
I am going to WDW with the group from Ducati Manchester, I think Frank is doing most of the organsation.